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A Lesson Learned Tears on my Pillow

Some of you know from following my personal blog Katherines Corner that I recently made a HUGE change. I moved my blog from blogspot to my dot com site  I was so excited at the opportunity of providing my blog friends with a more rounded blog that I completely misunderstood a big detail in making such a transfer.

You can't take your blog followers with you....or can you?

After a few tears were shed, and I had already started making an email list of the 1532 followers. I started doing a little more digging. People in the blogging community are kind and they are willing to share with you. You just have to search, and search, and well search some more. Several hours of searching, reading, reading some more and well crying, I found it! A rainbow amongst the storm clouds. I found Tutotial and it gave me the help I needed!

I am now very happy to announce that my followers are all  moved into the new digs. BUT!.....

There are a couple of draw backs to this wonderful pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

One  is the newsletter ( if you have one) will no longer be an option. You will need to set up a different feed for that. Your followers may not be prompted to sign up when they link to follow.

Two, and this is a biggie.... if you access your old blog the followers widget link is broken at your new location.

My tears have dried, I am still concerned that I have no access to the old blog and I am unable to monitor it.

IMPORTANT! Before you  follow the tutorial listed above. Please take care of everything you need to at your original blog, edit posts, delete photos, etc.


  1. Im probably just going to get a domain and point it it to my blogspot. Honestly, I don't want to lose any of my great followers. Thanks for the advice!

    I'm following you from Meet Me Monday!! Hopefully you can visit us and follow back! Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Krissy @ Mommy Miscellaneous

  2. I'm following from the Meet Us Monday blog hop! Hoping you can return the favor :)!

  3. Follower from last week's blog hop! Would love for you to follow back :)


  4. Hi! On the blog hop trail. Hoping you'll follow me back:

    P.S. Please leave a comment, so I know it was you!