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What Is html

You see it everywhere throughout the internet but what is it?

HTML is the building block each website is created with. It is a series of elements called tags and angle brackets " " all buried with the contents of the page.

HTML tags normally come in pairs like

The first tag in a pair is the opening tag and the last is the closing tag.

Web browsers analyze the tags to interpret the content of the web page, blog, etc.

HTML is also what allows embedded objects and images to display and to be interactive ( click to go to location).Like for blog buttons.

I am not an expert on HTML codes. But, what I don't know I can always research and find out.


  1. I'm just happy we have someone as a friend that is smart enough to help us through some of this weird stuff. Have a happy wednesday.

  2. When it comes to tehcincal things on pcs and codes count me out. I know what I need to know but can't seem to find out how one highlights an other person's name in their blog. I know it's to do with a link but how to get that link beats me,

  3. I'm with Odie on this one. I can't make head nor tail of HTML. It's a good job we have a good friend like you to guide us along!

  4. Good post, I am trying hard to learn anything about HTML!

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